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messenger n : a person who carries a message [syn: courier]

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From messagier (French: messager), from message.



  1. One who brings messages.
  2. In the context of "nautical": A light line with which a heavier line may be hauled e.g. from the deck of a ship to the pier.
  3. The supporting member of an aerial cable ( electric power or telephone or data).

Derived terms


one who brings messages


  1. To send something by messenger.
    I'll messenger over the signed documents.

Extensive Definition

A messenger is a person employed in business to convey messages, official dispatches, telegrams, letters, or parcels, and go on special errands as part of their duties. In the government and military, a messenger is an official courier.
Messenger may also refer to:


  • An instant messaging client or service in general, or specifically one of the following services:
    • AOL Instant Messenger, an ad-supported instant messaging and presence computer program, published by America Online
    • BitWise IM, an instant messaging client published by BitWise Communications, LLC
    • Google Talk, an instant messaging client published by Google
    • Miranda IM, an opensource instant messaging client released under GNU GPL
    • MSN Messenger, the Microsoft instant messaging client preceding Windows Live Messenger
    • Windows Live Messenger, an instant messaging client published by Microsoft
    • Windows Messenger, the instant messaging client bundled with Windows XP
    • Yahoo! Messenger, an instant messaging client published by Yahoo!
    • QQ, an instant messaging client published by Tencent
  • The Messenger service, a network-based system notification service included in later versions of Microsoft Windows

Biology and chemistry

  • Chemical messenger or Hormone, a molecule used for cellular signalling
  • Messenger RNA (mRNA), RNA that carries information from DNA to the ribosome sites of protein synthesis in a cell


The Arts


  • MESSENGER, a NASA probe to Mercury launched in 2004
  • Messenger (horse), an English thoroughbred horse that was foaled in 1780, and who was the originating sire of modern-day standardbred horses
  • Bicycle messenger, a bicyclist who transports packages through cities
  • Muhammad, known as The Messenger in Islam
  • Miles Messenger, a British 1940s liaison aircraft
  • Messenger, a tool attached to a capstan used to raise the anchor cables on 17th - 19th century sailing ships
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